Learning resources for December 19, 2021


MONDAY 11/22 /// 6:30-8PM /// CALLOUT
MONDAY 11/29 /// 6:30-8PM /// REHEARSAL 1
WED 12/1 /// 6:30-8PM /// REHEARSAL 2
WED 12/8 /// 6:30-8PM /// REHEARSAL 3
SAT 12/11 /// 9:00A-11:30AM /// REHEARSAL 4 (TBD – IF NEEDED)


Commitment to learning music at home (resources will be provided)
Commitment to attending rehearsals to the best of your ability
Must be able to sing with good sense of pitch and rhythm
Ability to sing harmony is desired, but “melody only” singers welcome.
Commitment to receiving coaching regarding voice and stage presence.
Commitment to represent Summit Church with integrity onstage and offstage
Ability to step onto choir risers and stand for 45min unassisted.
Age 16 or older (and transportation available)
Age 12-15 (with parent/guardian singing in the choir)


Cory Kent || (765) 413-8172 ||


At this time there is no planned childcare available.

For those of you who are available to join us for the Thanksgiving service, we are going to sing this song as a surprise element AT THE VERY END of the service. I’ll call you up. We will meet in my office at 6:30pm to warm up and connect.

Light Of The World (Sing Hallelujah) KEY OF D

by We The Kingdom

We will sing the Chorus of this song directly out of the opening video, later singing the entire version in the 2nd set. 

This song will follow the opening chorus of Light Of The World (Sing Hallelujah) in the key of D

We will hand out music for this at Rehearsal 2 (if it is still in our order by then)

We will play this song in the key of D (one 1/2 step lower than this recording)

We will hand out music for this at Rehearsal 2 (if it is still in our order by then)

Worship Service
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Sunday Worship

Join us each Sunday at 10AM EST for worship on campus, or via our livestream.

Office Hours

Mondays - Thursdays 9am - 3pm
Enter the east facing entrance just south of the canopy entrance.



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