“…Partnering with Families to Make Disciples Who Exalt Jesus Christ.”

Summit Students are two groups: THE FOUNDATION (GR 6-8) and THE ASCENT (GR 9-12).

Summit Students meet Wednesday night from 6 – 8PM (during summer), Sunday night from 4 – 6PM (during fall and winter)

Summit Students will experience God’s Word, leaders who care for them and a place to call their own.

Jasper and Sarah Swaney

Jasper and Sarah Swaney

The Ascent Leaders, Pastor of Students

Sarah and I have been married and in ministry for 10 years. I knew God called me to ministry at age 15. I know first hand the impact student ministries can have on a soul. I want to return love back and preach the gospel to those who are, where I was. We have 3 beautiful girls and we have absolutely loved and cherished the years we have been at Summit. We call it home and hope students and parents experience that same love. Jesus is the answer. – Pastor Jasper


(GRADES 9-12 /// Jasper & Sarah Swaney)

“THE ASCENT” is a journey for students in grades 9 – 12. At this age, life is coming fast and so are it’s decisions. The course of life is often chosen during these years and we want their path to be the ascent to the Summit. So, what’s the Summit (bigger picture)? It is all about Jesus and a personal relationship with him. Everything in the world is trying to distract us from that purpose. We are here to constantly point eyes and hearts to the One who died for us and to the One who gives us the the reason for existing. This is why God’s word has priority over everything we do at Summit Students. “We have been given everything that pertains to life and godliness” (2 Peter 1:3).
The Ascent is crucial for all of us, otherwise we are descending to the world and its passions “and the world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever.” (1 John 2:17).

Let’s take the ascent together.

Sam and Bekkie Burns

Sam and Bekkie Burns

The Foundation Leaders

Bekkie and I are very excited to lead the middle school students at Summit! We have been serving in various ministries at Summit for two years. I grew up knowing a lot about God, but I realized in high school that I did not know him at all. My life was forever changed at the age of 17, because an adult cared enough to share the Gospel with me. Our hope is that we help students encounter Jesus in a real, intimate way that leads to lasting life change.  -Sam


(GRADES 6-8 /// Sam & Bekkie Burns)

“THE FOUNDATION” is built for students in grades 6 – 8. The middle school years can be a trying time of discovery as adolescents enter into life as a teenager. At Summit Church, we believe that having a firm foundation is crucial. In Matthew 7, Jesus teaches the importance of building a foundation on solid rock based on his teachings. What is your foundation? Do you have one? It is our hope that you join us and explore what it looks like to build a foundation on Jesus Christ. You are gearing up to enter into high school and let’s be honest – life may get a little tough. But, there is good news! When the rains come, and the floods rise, and the winds blow, if your foundation is on the solid rock of Jesus, we will make it through together!

It’s time to build our foundation.

Questions about Summit Students? 

Contact Jasper Swaney at 616-786-2233 or jswaney@summitwestolive.org

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