“…Partnering with Families to Make Disciples Who Exalt Jesus Christ.”

Summit Kids meets every Sunday during the ‘message portion’ of our worship services. (Grades 4-5 meet the first 3 Sundays of every month only). Parents can simply visit the Summit Kids Check-In Station – before service begins – in order to enroll in that morning’s Summit Kids! Then, right before the message begins (about 10:40am), your kids will be dismissed to the lobby to meet their teachers.

Here’s how we can help YOU, parents!

1. Your kids are a BLESSING to us. They are an important part of our church family and God gives them gifts to encourage all of us. Don’t worry about the noise they might make, or the inevitable “wiggling” in their sits they’ll perform. Need to take them for a walk at some point? You can watch and hear the service in our lobby, so feel free to take advantage of that resource if you need it!

2. Let us introduce you to our dear FAMILY FOUNDATIONS team that are committed to helping you to parent your children in a way that points them to a real relationship with Jesus. Check out the video below!

Interested in Helping?

If you are interested in making a difference in Summit Kids, please click on the provided buttons to learn more about serving our kids!

Questions about Summit Kids? 

Contact our office at 616-786-2233 or email us.

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